Discover how you can help your clients achieve better HVAC Technical service and energy optimization.

Phillip Stahnke, Lead Account Executive at Long Building Technologies will explain how he and his team benefited from applying CoolAutomation Solutions to achieve such challenging goals.

In this webinar we’ll show you how CoolAutomation’s Cloud-Based solutions can empower you and allow you to:
- Save on your business’ costs and increase your VRF experts’ productivity
- Help your customers reduce their energy bills
- Provide your customers with a premium HVAC Technical service
- And more

This webinar is intended for HVAC Technical Service Providers, who are looking to expand their offering with cutting-edge, remote, digital capabilities.

Stay Cool,
The CoolAutomation Team

Ben Shipley

Ben Shipley

VP of North America Sales


Kavin Ward

Customer Success Manager

David Diez-Perez

David Diez-Perez

Technical Sales Manager

b-w_Philip Stahnke_small-2

Phillip Stahnke

Lead Account Executive
Long Building Technologies